Know Us Better

1. Every puple must carry with him or her school diary daily. No student is allowed to tear out any page from the diary.
2. All students should be habitually clean & neatly dressed. The school uniform is to be worn on all school days.
3. Students must come to school in well ironed uniform & school shoes must be well polished.
4. All students must speak English in school.
5. All students must be regular and punctual to the School.
6. Students should not throw waste paper, wrappers, pencil bits paper bits etc anywhere in the school premises. They should use dustbin.
7. Presence in morning assembly is essential for every student.
8. Students are not allowed to leave the class without permission of their teachers.
9. No student is permitted to leave the school premises without obtaining the written permission of the principal.
10. Those who bring bicycles must keep their bicycles at cycle stand. Bicycles must be kept locked. Bicycling in school premises is not allowed.
11. Students are strictly forbidden to use filthy language in the school.
12. Students are advised not to carry money or valuable articles to school.
13. Notebooks, bag, lunch boxes, etc. Should bear the name of owner. The school is not responsible for the sink with lost.
14. Students guilty of causing damage to school property will be penalized.