Late Dr. Bhai Sahib Bhai Lal Singh Ji Baghi


Honourable Late Dr. Lal Singh Ji Baghi, the successor of the saint and the son-in-law of Late Sh. Giani Zail Singh Ji, former President of India, belonged to the family of Almighty Baba Bhai Roop Chand Ji, a great follower of sixth guru Sh. Hargobind Sahib Ji. Late Dr. Lal Singh Ji Baghi offered his services as a Sarpanch of the village and used to be the Chairman of District Prishad Board. Being the most popular leader, this distinguished personality had done a lot for the development of the area. He had lit a lamp of knowledge in this rural area by providing such opportunities that have proved boon for the students and even all the people working in the institution or residing in the area.

Late Dr. Lal Singh Ji Baghi had a keen desire to establish a school in the village for the sole purpose of imparting quality education to the wards of rural people who were unable to send their children to city schools. He always dreamed to facilitate and teach the students to reach the highest standards for efficiency, excellence, trust and commitment in accordance with the national values and aspiration. On 6th May 1990, the school was opened. Since the day the school had been progressing by leaps and bounds and has become the main attraction of the people of this area.