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Giani Zail Singh, Whose ascendancy in the service of nation can be traced from the humblest of origins, combines rare qualities of head and heart. The Giani’s innings in public life have been long and varied……freedom fighter, social reformer, champion of downtrodden, state congress leader, successful chief minister and Union home minster who rose to the high office of President of India in July 1982. Truly he was a relentless fighter against princedom, feudalism, and foreign domination in the pre-independence days, a tireless crusader against communalism, economic disparities and social injustice, a true friend of the downtrodden and the economically weak. Giani Zail Singh was elected to the highest office of the President of India on July 15, 1982. He was born in Sandhwan, Faridkot district on may 5,1916. Though a scholar of Sikh religion and scriptures Giani ji did not have a formal education or any degree. Nevertheless he realized the importance of education as a tool of socio-economic transformation of the country. He was keen to promote rural education for the rural masses. He was an ardent supporter of equality of educational opportunities for all and was aware of the awful inequalities in society. He always wanted that the light of education should reach every nook and corner irrespective of high and low. His dream was to take education to those who could not afford. To turn his dream into reality, his daughter Bibi Joginder Kaur has taken up the initiative of establishing Bhai Roop Chand Senior Secondary Public School during Giani ji’s life time. Giani Zail Singh’s concern for the quality education has emerged in the shape of a model and leading institute of excellence.