At BRCSSPS we offer a wide range of opportunities for everyone to discover and unlock his/her potential to become confident lifelong learners developing aspirations and fulfilling dreams. Our creative curriculum, hinging on project based learning is the most effective way to engage children not only in classrooms but even beyond that. We continue to invigorate our wonderful programs and new traditions that our staff, students, and parents have worked so hard to establish over past years. By continuing to work together as partners, we can establish new goals and open new doors that will further enrich the lives and learning of all our students. We strive to achieve educational experience where high academic standards motivate all students to reach their full potential as creative problem solvers. Our purpose is achieved by fostering mutual respect in a safe environment where the arts and sciences unite to produce young people of strong and compassionate character, capable of success in a diverse world. It is important for me that my staff, parents and students become collaborators in this journey that we have embarked upon.

While we have high expectations and are ambitious for our children, we also know that for them to succeed, we need to provide a caring, supportive and yet a challenging environment which makes them resilient when times get tough.

Each day kindles new choices and we at BRCSSPS choose to make a positive difference

Dr. Arvind Kumar Sharma
M.A., B.ED., M.Phil, Ph.D